apt-offline – Fully Upgrade Offline Debian-based Distributions

Brief: This article guide walks Debian-based users through the download, installation, and usage of the apt-offline tool to effortlessly upgrade Debian-based Linux distribution with limited, slow, or zero internet connection.

apt-offline is an offline package management utility that is used to install/upgrade software packages with their dependencies on Debian-based Linux distributions with no direct internet connection.

apt-offline Features

  • It retrieves full bug reports of installed and upgraded packages.
  • Downloads source deb package with associated build dependencies (particularly important for developers).
  • Leverages the power of APT on a disconnected Debian or Debian distro machine.

Installing apt-offline in Debian Systems

The apt-offline tool is available to install from the default repositories of Debian and Debian-based Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

$ sudo apt install apt-offline
Install APT-Offline in Debian Systems
Install APT-Offline in Debian Systems

If you’re system not connected to the internet, you can download the apt-offline file and transfer it to the Debian-based system without an internet connection using scp or sftp tools.

Once the .deb file has been transferred to your offline Debian-based system, install it with the command:

$ sudo dpkg -i apt-offline_1.8.4-1_all.deb

Upgrade Debian Systems Offline Using apt-offline

With apt-offline installed on both online and offline Debian-based systems, we can move on and demonstrate its usage.

Installing a Package on Offline Debian System

On the offline Debian-based system, we will create a directory called SystemUpdate.

$ mkdir SystemUpdate

Inside this directory, we should be able to generate a database of files (signature file) that will help the online Debian-based system download updates for us. For instance, let us assume we want to download the Vim editor for the offline machine.

We will first create a signature file for vim.

$ cd SystemUpdate
$ sudo apt-offline set apt-offline.sig --install-packages vim

The generated signal file (apt-offline.sig) will be responsible for installing vim on your offline Debian-based system.

The next step is to copy the SystemUpdate directory from the offline Debian-based system to the online Debian-based system.

$ scp -r SystemUpdate/ [email protected]:/home/ubuntu/Downloads

On the online Debian-based system, navigate inside the copied directory and execute the following command to collect system update data for the offline Debian-based system.

$ cd SystemUpdate
$ sudo apt-offline get apt-offline.sig --bundle apt-offline-bundle.zip 
Collect System Update for Offline System
Collect System Updates for Offline System

The downloaded vim data for the offline Debian-based system will be saved in the specified apt-offline-bundle.zip file. Copy the SystemUpdate directory back to the offline system.

$ scp -r SystemUpdate/ [email protected]:/home/dnyce/Downloads 

On the offline system, navigate to the newly copied directory content:

$ cd SystemUpdate

Implement the downloaded updates on the apt-offline-bundle.zip file with the command:

$ sudo apt-offline install apt-offline-bundle.zip 
Install Packages Offline in Debian Systems
Install Packages Offline in Debian Systems

If you check the Vim version, you might think it’s not installed.

$ vim -V
Check Vim Version
Check Vim Version

However, its binary files exist:

$ whereis vim

vim: /etc/vim usr/share/vim usr/share/man/man1/vim.1.gz

Updating or Upgrading the Offline Debian Systems

Here, we will only need to regenerate the steps covered above:

1. Create a signature file on the offline system for updating or upgrading.

$ sudo apt-offline set update-offline.sig --update
$ sudo apt-offline set upgrade-offline.sig --upgrade

2. Copy the directory with the signature file to the online system and collect system update/upgrade data for the offline method.

$ sudo apt-offline get update-offline.sig --bundle update-offline-bundle.zip
$ sudo apt-offline get upgrade-offline.sig --bundle upgrade-offline-bundle.zip

3. Copy the generated .zip file back to the offline machine and install your updates/upgrades.

$ sudo apt-offline install update-offline-bundle.zip 
$ sudo apt-offline install upgrade-offline-bundle.zip 

apt-offline makes it easier for disconnected or offline Debian-based systems to install the latest updates/packages and perform system/package upgrades since the update and upgrade files can be downloaded and installed later.

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