The History of Ubuntu Linux Distribution

Ubuntu is one of the most popular and widely used Linux distributions in the world, thanks to its user-friendliness, elegant and simple UI, and a large online community that provides support and solutions to common

How to Set JAVA_HOME Variable Path on Ubuntu

Basically, the JAVA_HOME Environment path points to the installation location of JDK (Java Development Kit) on your Ubuntu system. As you develop or run Java-based applications, the associated applications sometimes need to know/reference the JAVA_HOME

How to Install AnyDesk Remote Desktop in Ubuntu

AnyDesk meets the qualifications of reputable remote desktop software for your Ubuntu Linux distribution. AnyDesk attributes to easy and stable operation, simple administrative tools, user-friendly setup, seamless & smooth remote access from other Linux-powered machines,

How to Install Redis on Ubuntu 20.04/22.04

What is really the hype behind Redis? Redis has created a reputation for itself as the go-to data store. It is attributed as a key-value, in-memory, and open-source data store. These attributes make Redis an

How to Install OpenJDK 17 on Ubuntu 20.04/22.04

Linux operating system distributions like Ubuntu are perfect software development platforms. The open-source nature of such operating systems makes them a safe haven for multiple programmable languages like Java, which is attributed as a class-based,