How to Create a Simple (.deb) Debian Package

The software package format for Debian-based Linux distributions and their associated derivatives can easily be identified by the .deb extension. Debian packages are also attributed to two tar archives. The first archive file contains control

How to Rotate Logs With Logrotate in Linux

When an application under a Linux operating system environment is running, background processes linked to that application are initiated. Events linked with the execution of these applications are recorded on a log file (generated by

How to Swap Contents of Two Files in Linux

The handy tools and commands provided by the Linux operating system make it possible to achieve/accomplish numerous file manipulation objectives. Under Linux file management, you might need to swap two files for one reason or

The History of Kali Linux Distribution

In cybersecurity and digital forensics, penetration testing plays a crucial role in identifying and mitigating exploitable vulnerabilities in a system. A number of tools have been developed to help pentesters efficiently conduct penetrations tests, one