What is /dev/null in Linux

The ‘/dev‘ directory in Linux and Unix based systems contains files corresponding to devices attached to the system. For example, as seen in the screenshot below, the CD drive is accessed using ‘cdrom‘, DVD drive

How to Restore Default Repositories in Ubuntu

Ubuntu has four standard repositories where software packages are stored: Main, Universe, Restricted, and Multiverse. Main: Free and Open Source Software supported by Canonical. Universe: Community maintained Free and Open Source Software. Restricted: Software that

How to Enable “Universe” Repository in Ubuntu

‘Universe‘ is one of the standard repositories in Ubuntu, which contains community maintained free and open-source software, as opposed to ‘Main‘, which contains free and open-source software maintained by Ubuntu’s parent company Canonical. When Ubuntu

How to Report a Bug in Ubuntu

GNU/Linux systems are at the core of the Internet, Embedded Electronic Systems, Routing Devices, Modern Digital Electronic Appliances, etc. However, the one place where GNU/Linux has not been as popular, and for which it has

How to Disable a Particular PPA in Ubuntu

PPA (Personal Package Archive) is used for distributing software in Ubuntu without going through the whole process of making software available in official Ubuntu repositories. Usually, PPA’s are used for making available non-standard software, which

How to Remove a PPA in Ubuntu

PPA (Personal Package Archive) is a way of software distribution in Ubuntu for non-standard software, i.e. software not approved for official Ubuntu repositories. Non-standard software may use methods like providing an installation Bash script, which